Air Patrol

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Take control of your energy bill by remotely adjusting the room temperature!

AirPatrol is an innovative and user-friendly heat pump / air conditioner controller that lets you effortlessly change the mode, room temperature and fan speed of your heat pump.

AirPatrol comes with a free smartphone application and is made and tested in the European Union to ensure that it works in the Nordic environment.

Click below to download AirPatrol for Android, Windows Phone 8 or iOS

With AirPatrol’s mobile application you can

  • turn heat pump ON/OFF
  • add and adjust your favorite settings for quick access
  • adjust function settings – DRY / COOL / HEAT / AUTO
  • temperature settings, 16 – 30 °C
  • fan speed settings, AUTO / MIN / NORM / MAX
  • Low heat function

With Nordic model receive alarms and notifications to get some peace of mind

Get notificiations when…

  • the room temperature is low (range 1-16°C, default 5°C)
  • the room temperature is high (range 16-40°C, default 30°C) (version 1.08 and up)
  • there’s a power failure (range 1 – 48 hours , default 24h)
  • your heat pump needs service (1 – 360 days, default 180 days)

Combi Control

Combi Control is a special AirPatrol for Toshiba. To use your Combi Control with comfort use our special Combi Control mobile application.

Click below to download Combi Control for Android, Windows Phone 8 or iOS