Molecular mixology kit

  • Experience the unexpected with three avant-garde recipes! Play with the texture of your cocktail to add an element of surprise! Create a margarita slush topped with a fresh lemon mousse, add a splash of colour by creating blue azure suspended pearls or encapsulate your margarita into an edible cocktail!


Natural texturing agents can now be used to deconstruct your favorite cocktail.

MARGARITA SPHERIFICATION: Encapsulate your cocktail into a sphere that will burst in your mouth
CITRUS FOAM: Top your margarita with a light, tasty foam
AZUR BURSTING PEARLS: Create spectacular floating caviar by reshaping blue curaçao


- 3 food additives (10 sachets)

- 2 pipettes

- 1 slotted spoon

- 1 silicone mold

- 1 booklet with 3 molecular margarita recipes

List of the additives included:

  • 4 sachets / net 20g - Calcium Lactate
  • 4 sachets / net 8g - Sodium Alginate
  • 2 sachets / net 4g - Soy Lecithin