"Click and Grow is an almost foolproof way to grow houseplants"

- Wired Magazine

The magic begins in our NASA inspired Smart Soil

The heart of every Click & Grow product is the nano material growth medium or as we call it – the Smart Soil. It has a specially formulated chamber structure which ensures that the rootzone has superior aeration at all times. Plants love it and there is no dirt or mud situation going on.


Irrigation system

Our Smart Herb Garden uses a Capillary Precision Irrigation (CPI) system, while the Smartpots are equipped with Electronic Precision Irrigation (EPI) systems. Although the methods are quite different in their design, they serve the same purpose – to provide the plant with just the right amount of water at all times, so you don’t really have to worry about it. Our software will also remind you when the water tank is getting empty.

The best genetics available

We are working together with the world’s top breeders, and we aim to offer you varieties that are available for specialists only. We use professionally plight retreated and coated seeds, and can therefore assure almost 100% germination rate. Experiments have shown that the antioxidant and flavor levels of the plants from your Click & Grow are up to 3 times higher than for the supermarket basil. This is how we think it should be.


Light components

We have really outdone ourselves with the lighting technology. The Smart Herb Garden features a built-in light source, fuelled by 6W of our new-generation eye-friendly LED technology. The innovation here is focusing the light to a dense beam. Therefore we can supply the plants with a flux excelling 10 000 lux while adding only 3$ to your annual electricity bill. Neat, isn’t it?

The fertilization is perfect

We use a variety of new Hi-Tech Dual Coated fertilizers. This revolutionary technology is constantly providing the plant with a very precise amount of nutrients – depending on the temperature of the room and the growth phase of the plant. There is never even an opportunity of under or over fertilizing.


Software controlled plant growth

All our systems are designed for one purpose – to take complete care of your plants. The Smartpot refill contains a microchip with an unique growing program for each and every plant. Our systems adjust the growing conditions accordingly, so you never have to worry about your plants again.


Our technology is based on the way plants naturally grow in soil.

Despite lots of high technology involved with Click & Grow, plants are grown naturally, using biomimicry as the main source for inspiration and innovation.