Having a work-out partner keeps us consistent and accountable – and it is more fun!.

Almonds help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Swap sweetened soda, tea, and fruit drinks with water. Don’t drink empty calories.

For a quick Tosi Breakfast alternative – mix 1 scoop of Chocolate or Vanilla Complete Meal with your favorite Greek or low sugar yogurt. This adds 10 grams of protein and will sustain you much longer.

Breakfast is crucial, because it starts your day right and helps control hunger and stabilize sugar levels..

Tosi was created by a group of practicing physicians, research gurus and wellness fanatics, who are all trying to dramatically improve health.

Redefine Girls’ night out ~ Skip ‘Happy Hour’ and take a fitness class or hike with your friends.

Move ~ studies show that as few as three hours of regular, moderate exercise a week can lower the risk of breast cancer.

Keeping a food journal helps us to be mindful of what we eat.